Vostok Services Ltd provides professional assistance for

Imports from Russia and Exports to Russia and other countries.

We also help our clients set up business in Russia.













Professional Assistance for Exports to Russia

Vostok Services has helped business export many products to Russia including:

· New Zealand Ice Cream
· New Zealand Fresh Flowers
· Food Products.

All food products are now exported through Made In New Zealand Ltd www.madeinnz.biz.




Professional Assistance for Imports from Russia

Vostok Services has helped business import many products from Russia including:

· Ammunition for hunting and sports use. Vostok's consulting to a New Zealand company, resulted in 10 year Contracts to purchase from 4 different sources in Russia blank ammunition and primers. Vostok has close contacts with Russia's only exporter of Armaments and the ammunition Industry.




Russian Business Visas

A business visa is essential for doing business in Russia. Contact Vostok Services for more information on getting the invitation required for a Russian Business Visa.







It is essential to have your contracts and other official documents translated correctly. Visit our associated site www.russian.co.nz for all your Russian - English - Ukrainian translation needs.



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